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Michael BeschlossMichael Beschloss

Presidential Historian

The New York Times has called Michael Beschloss “easily the most widely recognized Presidential historian in the United States.” The Charlotte Observer has said, “Michael Beschloss knows more about America’s Presidents than perhaps anyone on earth.” Michael is an award-winning historian, bestselling author of ten books and has been a New York Times contributing columnist. He is the NBC News Presidential Historian and a contributor to the PBS NewsHour.
He has been awarded an Emmy and six honorary degrees. He also has the largest Twitter following of any American historian. Michael’s latest book, Presidents of War, was published in October 2019, the culmination of ten years of research. The historian Jon Meacham says that Presidents of War is “a landmark book about power, leadership and human nature itself.”
Michael is an alumnus of Andover and Williams College and the Harvard Business School, where he studied leadership in both the private and public sectors. He has served as an historian at the Smithsonian Institution, a resident scholar at Oxford University, and a senior fellow of the Annenberg Foundation.

Alison LevineAlison Levine

New York Times Bestselling Author and Leadership Expert

Alison Levine knows what it’s like to survive (and thrive) in the world’s toughest environments. She served as team captain of the first American Women’s Everest Expedition, scaled the “Seven Summits,” and skied to the North and South Poles—making history along the way. In addition to climbing mountains, she also spent time climbing the corporate ladder in sales, in marketing, and then on Wall Street after earning an MBA from Duke University.

In her New York Times bestseller, On the Edge: Leadership Lessons from Everest and Other Extreme Environments, Alison asserts that the principles that apply to the world of extreme adventure also apply to demanding business environments. A former adjunct professor at West Point, Alison understands what it takes to lead teams through challenging situations. Her commitment to developing leaders of consequence earned her the Ellis Island Medal of Honor which has been awarded to seven U.S. presidents, numerous world leaders, and two Nobel laureates.

David WilkinsDavid B. Wilkins

Lester Kissel Professor of Law
Director, Center on the Legal Profession
Vice Dean for Global Initiatives on the Legal Profession
Harvard Law School

Professor Wilkins is the Lester Kissel Professor of Law, Vice Dean for Global Initiatives on the Legal Profession, and Faculty Director of the Center on the Legal Profession and the Center for Lawyers and the Professional Services Industry at Harvard Law School. He is also a Senior Research Fellow of the American Bar Foundation and a Fellow of the Harvard University Edmond J. Safra Foundation Center for Ethics.
Professor Wilkins has written more than 80 articles on the legal profession in leading scholarly journals and the popular press. He is the co-author of one of the leading casebooks in the field. One of his current projects is The Harvard Law School Career Study (examining differences in the experiences of male and female graduates and the careers of lawyers who do not practice law).
Professor Wilkins teaches several courses including The Legal Profession, Legal Education for the Twenty-First Century, and Challenges of a General Counsel. In 2007, he co-founded Harvard Law School’s Executive Education Program, where he teaches Leadership in Law Firms and Leadership in Corporate Counsel.